Megan is a photographer, editor and communications specialist based in Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia).

They are currently working as a freelancer, utilising skills and experience in communications, publishing and design to produce a range of projects and media for festivals, events, organisations and publications, as well as working on personal documentary projects.

//  Within publications they recently were the Managing Editor for The Adventure Handbook Issue 1 (2018 annual magazine). They have also produced stories and interviews for The Adventure Handbook online - some of these can be found here.

//  Select photography clients include QLD Greens, Heart of Gold International Film Festival (2017 - 2019), FITTING - (2018) d. Emily Avila (stills), No Friend in the Forest (2018) d. Sam Dixon (stills), A Festival called PANAMA (2015).

Ed. // Bach. Photography / majors Photojournalism and Editorship + Publications / Griffith University (2013).

e  //
ph //   +61 425 636 036